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My name is Michael and my son’s name is Tyler. We share our passion for classic cars through photos, videos and blogs. Join us in our Car Life Journey! We always have a few “carefully selected” classic cars for sale on our INVENTORY page as well.

Our passion is classic cars

My son and I are treasure hunters that specialize in buying, enjoying, and ultimately selling classic cars truly worth owning. Our primary buying decision for every car is always based on one question… Do we love the car enough to consider it worthy of being a personal KEEPER?

After decades of being immersed in the world of old vehicles we have developed a very keen eye and refuse to fuss with any car that does not meet our high standards. The downside to being so particular is that we maintain a very small inventory. If you are looking for a classic car and you are as particular as we are, it is our hope that we can be of some help in your search for a high quality KEEPER.

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We built this site for your enjoyment so please take time to explore it and remember to come back often to see the new content we have added.

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1966 Mustang GT Convertible / 4-speed manual transmission / Factory GT performance package / Factory (A-code) Candy Apple Red / Pony interior / 289 A-code V8 / All documented with factory buck tag still on the car / The car has been verified by us as well as an MCA Gold judge

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uncut original / show quality paint / 302 V8 (strong running) / updated with Disc brakes / 3-speed / NEW interior / very cool vintage KC light rack

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Crate LS3 540hp version with the ASA Cam and carbureted “old school style” with all top modern components all translating to revs in the 7,500 range …. you will find it entirely unnecessary to go that high of revs to experience the ROCKET performance. It has a viper spec 6 speed tranny (TR-6060). It has modern vintage AIR/heat. The custom undercarriage and suspension work is impressive but all in all its a very "copacetic build" that allows enough of the car's original DNA to remain intact so that it looks very much like an original Camaro at a cursory look.

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About US

My name's Michael and my son is Tyler. We are serious car guys that have owned, restored, shown, judged and sold hundreds of high quality classic cars. Having been born into a “car collecting family”, this has been a “life-long passion and hobby” for us both. With 60 years of experience between us, we know the difference between common “fluffed up” cars and “quality” cars.”

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