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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Merry Christmas everyone! Since we live and breath classic cars we thought we’d do a video on the best Christmas gift ideas for car lovers. If you have a car guy, or car gal, in your life this video can help you pick out the perfect gift for them! ⬇️ Links below ⬇️

⬇️2019 Gift Ideas List:
1. Griot’s orbital polisher –
2. Doss Bluetooth speaker –
3. ATD Tools LED shop light –
4. Battery Tender battery charger –
5. Lang Tools thread restorer set –
6. Innova 3320 digital multimeter –
7. Adam’s VRT tire dressing –
8. Adam’s foam tire applicators –
9. Black Diamond Spot headlamp –
10. Channellock wire crimper tool –
11. Stanley hex keys set –
12. California duster car mop –
13. Magnetic grabber tool –
14. Hallmark car ornament –
15. Scissor lift –
16. Big A$$ fans –
17. Power washer –

⚙️🧰🛠Here’s all the tools & gear we use and personally recommend:


We were not paid to make this video and these are our own opinions. If you use these affiliate links you really help us out and we receive a small commission. Thank you!



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