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A Classic Car Family

This site is an outgrowth of 3 generations of car culture experience by a classic car family in Texas. Although we live in TEXAS (in the greater Dallas area), we have friends all over the world through this wonderful hobby.

We are serious car guys that have owned, restored, shown, judged and sold hundreds of high quality classic cars to buyers all over the globe. I was born into a “car collecting family” and likewise Tyler after me. Consequently, classic cars has been a “life-long passion and hobby” for us both. With 60 years of experience between my son and I, we know the difference between common “fluffed up” cars and quality cars. For a glance back to “Our Beginings” click here.

Over the last 15 years my son Tyler and I have sent cars all over Europe, Australia, Canada, and, of course, the USA. We are constantly getting inquiries from people who have previously purchased cars from us concerning new INVENTORY offerings. This was another motivation behind building this website. It allows our friends to see our latest hand picked acquisitions.

What makes us different?

Many things make us different, some of which are listed below:

No fancy “overhead” to pay for …… just a simple metal building in our neighborhood.

No dishonest descriptions ………… call with any and all questions.

No mega inventory to sort out ……… just a few carefully handpicked cars.

No commissioned salespeople, no employees……just my son and me.

No blurry low-resolution pictures …………… we provide 50 to 75 high-resolution pictures including the undercarriage and a Performance VIDEO – WHY don’t the other guys supply this type of photo presentation?

No title issues …………… titles are legally transferred into your name via a Bonded Texas Dealers license. The entire purchase process will be easy, efficient and documented.

No “remote” inconvenient location ………. we are an “airplane ride” and 30 minutes from anywhere in the world.

 Click below for answers to most questions you might have “About Us”.

Click here for  MORE ABOUT US

Classic car family business Tyler and Michael

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