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I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked to look at cars and provide advice to a would be buyer. I have helped many people make good decisions concerning classic cars, and I may be able to help you. On this page I list some of the classic car services I offer.

I would love to help everyone, but, like you, I only have so many hours in the day. Consequently, some of my services are fee based.

HOWEVER ….. most of what my son and I offer is absolutely free and can be found on this site in the form of blogs, photos and videos. Here you can learn a lot about the world of classic cars (unique features, rarity, condition, interesting history, colors, originality, options, performance, events, and places).

Advice BEFORE buying a classic car

Here’s a link to a very helpful article I’ve written: Top 5 classic car buying tips and how to avoid “rookie mistakes.”

My fee based classic car services

If you need help in any of the areas listed below and want me to take my focus off my priorities and support you with your objectives, I will give serious consideration to doing so. I do enjoy providing classic car services to those who recognize the value of expert consultation.

Purchasing a classic car is a significant investment and very risky when done sight unseen. Knowing what to look for or hiring someone that does will more than pay for itself.

My goal will be to help you secure a dream car, while at the same time prevent you from making a nightmare purchase. Below is a recent letter from a “would be buyer” who hired me to inspect a potential eBay purchase.

letter from would be buyer

Below is an abbreviated list of the classic car services I can provide. The fees vary in almost every situation and will be determined by the details and circumstances surrounding your needs.

I have saved people from untold financial loss and misery as well as helped people secure cars that would have gotten away. I go beyond being your eyes and benefit you with 30 plus years of experience in restoring, showing and chasing classic cars.

For a snap shot of some of this history, please check out these pages: About usOur Car Life and Our Restorations.

Pre-purchase inspection

I can go anywhere in the US to inspect the car of your choice.

The scope of a pre-purchase inspection normally involves 8 to 12 hours “plus” travel time. This includes the actual examination of the vehicle, the photo shoot, the write-up, the digital photo album and my follow-up phone call to discuss the findings after you have had time to review the write-up and digital photo album.

If you desire additional services, including negotiation of the price with the seller and securing of title and shipping the car, this can be done as well.

classic car services - 1970 Mustang Boss 302 Grabber Blue

Securing the car / taking possession / shipping

If needed, I can act as your agent buyer and handle the entire transaction including taking possession of your newly acquired car and provide for temporary storage until it is shipped it to you.

Investment Portfolio Building

If you are investment minded with a focus on financial gain, I can build and “manage” an investment portfolio in classic cars designed to dramatically EXCEED the “returns” available with traditional investments while completely eliminating the ever growing risk.


Appraisals are not to be confused with Pre-purchase inspections. Appraisals are done for the “existing car owner” to establish a range of market value. In contrast, pre-purchase inspections are done for the “potential buyer” to gain an understanding of condition.

Agent Buyer at Auctions

I can be your expert at auctions to inspect a specific car(s) you are interested in. Should a car meet the criteria discussed between us prior to the auction, I would then actually bid to purchase the automobile. Bidding will be with your “standby funds.”

See above concerning securing the car / taking possession / shipping.

Consignment Sell of your automobile

I own 100% of the cars on my site and currently do NOT offer this service.

I might consider a consignment sell if you are purchasing a car from me and have a very high quality vehicle that can be offered at a realistic price. This would be done at a set fee plus actual out of pocket expenses.

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E-mail me with your questions and as much DETAIL as you can provide ….. please note that I prioritize my e-mails and respond accordingly. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to get a response. 

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About Us

My name's Michael and my son is Tyler. We are serious car guys that have owned, restored, shown, judged and sold hundreds of high quality classic cars. Having been born into a “car collecting family”, this has been a “life-long passion and hobby” for us both. With 60 years of experience between us, we know the difference between common “fluffed up” cars and “quality” cars.”

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