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Mustang GT verification (1965 – 1966)

Mustang GT verification (1965 – 1966)

How to identify a real GT Mustang

An illustrated guide with 22 clues!

  • Video: After watching this video you’ll have a pretty good understanding on what makes a real GT Mustang and how to identify a real GT Mustang from a fake or a clone!
  • Photos: Be sure to check out the illustrated photo guide below.
  • Car: We used an original 1966 Silver Frost GT Mustang fastback as our example. 

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7 external clues:

* GT gas cap
* GT trumpet exhaust
* GT stripes
* MUSTANG lettering
* GT Badge
* Disc brakes
* GT fog light bar

6 under hood clues:

* fog light wiring holes
* 13/16 diameter front sway bar
* 289 V8 with four barrel carburetor
* A (or K) code in Vin# at 5th digit
* large master cylinder with clip on top (for disc brakes)
* quick ratio steering box (with HCC AW tag code for power steering or HCC AX tag code for manual steering)

4 interior clues:

* GT exhaust hanger bolt mount with reinforcement plate under rear seat
* Fog light switch
* disc brake pedal pad
* GT gauge cluster (*for 1965) (*could also be pony interior option without GT in 1965)

4 undercarriage clues:

* Dual exhaust
* GT dual exhaust hanger bracket mounts on rear floor pan
* GT dual exhaust hanger reinforcements in rear frame rails (*same as trunk clue)
* brake line mount location left of exhaust bracket

1 trunk clue:

* GT dual exhaust “U shaped” reinforcements in rear frame rails (this one is our favorite ways to quickly find out if a Mustang is a real GT because it’s easily accessible and also happens to be one of the hardest to fake)

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