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  • Available by appointment only.
  • Our building is on a private airport, in a gated area, which is not accessible to the public.
  • Minutes away from Texas Motor Speedway. Roanoke is part of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.
  • We are only 30 to 45 minutes from DFW International Airport and Love Field Airport, respectively.
  • Depending on my work load, I may be able to shuttle you to and from the airport.

Trading, Buying & Selling

1) Trades

Q: Do you take trades?

Maybe …. but UNLESS you physically bring the car to our location for our personal evaluation we will not be able to consider a trade for your car. If your car is something that we could consider owning personally, then we will certainly consider a deal that includes your trade. We do not buy vehicles simply for the sake of reselling them …. we only buy cars we can fall in love with and can feel good about representing to other would be owners.

2) Buying

Would you be interested in buying my car?

Possibly …. but ultimately we will not make a purchase until we have personally inspected the vehicle. If you have a desirable, high quality car that is priced sensibly AND it is something that we would want to own ourselves, then we would LOVE to have an opportunity to learn about it. You can click here to go to the CONTACT US page.

3) The Selling PROCESS

Q: What is the process of purchasing a car from you – MyRod.com?

The good news here is that it is a SIMPLE progression from initial dialogue to the point the vehicle shows up at your location.

  1. We work a written PUNCH LIST together from day one that outlines every single step that will be involved in the process. There is constant communication between us via e-mail until “each step” is accomplished up to the point of the shipping of the vehicle.
  2. No money changes hands until we complete a Purchase Sell Agreement between us that:
    1. identifies you
    2. identifies us
    3. identifies the vehicle, including Vin# and TITLE
    4. defines exact terms of the agreement – including any desired changes to vehicle (see #9 below)
    5. provides exact funding instructions
  3. Once you pay us, TITLE transfer documents are executed through a bonded and licensed Texas dealers license. This will include a temporary tag (if a US buyer) that will allow you to drive the vehicle while waiting for a metal tag from your local DMV.
  4. If you have chosen to ship –vs- drive the vehicle from our location, we can act as needed as your agent to make all arrangements, or coordinate as requested by you with your agent of choice.

Inventory, Pricing & Financing

4)  Car Selection

Q: Why is your For Sale Inventory so small?

We are small by choice. For us, this is as much of a passion driven life-style as it is a business. In fact, we never buy a car that we would not consider personally owning. This alone puts an extreme limit on the number of cars we will handle. We personally inspect and drive every car before we buy it. Once in our possession, we continue to inspect and drive it as often as possible until we are familiar enough with the car to offer to our clients and potential buyers.

We NEVER get in a hurry to sell a car. Ultimately, we do an extensive high resolution photo shoot and a performance VIDEO of every car and provide a written description that helps potential buyers determine if this is the right car for them. All of this takes an extreme amount of time. The big box dealers and fast flip guys simply will not invest this kind of time in their cars … it is too costly when profit is your primary focus.

Another reason our available inventory is small is the fact that our cars go from a status of For Sale to a status of SOLD very quickly. This is due to the type of cars we handle and our reputation in the classic car world …. please take time to read our Buyer Feedback.

5)  Pricing

Q: Why is there no price on your cars that are listed in inventory as “COMING SOON”?

Here the answer is simply that we are not yet in a position to price it for various reasons.

Usually we are still in the process of making enhancements and/or getting familiar enough with the car that we can establish a value/price. And in some cases, we plan to sell the car but not immediately as we are still enjoying it and may have a special road trip or two in mind before we are ready to let it go.

In any case, we understand that you need to know both the PRICE and timing of availability in order to consider a purchase. Please be patient with us and in the end your patience may be rewarded with the car of your dreams.

6)  Do you offer FINANCING?

Yes ….click  here to go to the FINANCING page.


Q: Do you sell Consignments?

Almost never. There is always the possibility of an exception but it would be a very rare occasion. The vast majority of the cars (99.9%) that we have sold have been owned by us personally.


Q: Do you Ship worldwide?

Yes, click here to go to the SHIPPING page.

Restoration work, Modifications & Enhancements

9)  Restorations & repairs

Q: Do you restore or work on cars for other people?

No. However, we will consider select “enhancements and modifications” to cars that we own and that you are purchasing.

The way this works is we discuss the specific enhancements and related cost estimate of those enhancements. Once we have agreed on a plan this specific information gets built into our written Purchase Sell Agreement. Once the Purchase Sell Agreement has been exchanged and signed, you then pay for the vehicle at the negotiated price PLUS 50% of the estimated cost of the enhancements. Once we are in receipt of this initial payment we start the enhancement process on your “now paid for and owned” vehicle. Once the enhancement process is completed, we document this with photos and/or videos and you then pay the remaining unpaid portion of the enhancement cost.

Searching for Classic Cars  &  Advice on Cars

10)  Help with your CAR SEARCH

Q: Can you find a specific car for me?

We get this request more often than any other. This is largely due to our outstanding reputation in the classic car community and our knack for finding the true GEMS.

The short answer is maybe, and the long answer is that we would love to help you end up with your dream machine. However, we never buy a car with the hope or expectation that you will in turn buy it from us. We ONLY buy cars that we are 100% confident that any number of knowledgeable buyers would love to own.

If you have made your desires known to us on the specific car you are searching for, we will insure that you get notified that this car is now available, or soon to be available.

The best way for us to keep up with “who is looking for what” is to send us a message through the contact us page. There you can provide us with the specifics on your search.

Also, you need to sign up for our “Inventory Updates” email by clicking here.

11)  ADVICE on a car you found

Q: Will you give me your opinion of a car I am considering buying?

This is different from asking us to go inspect a car for you physically. Here you are asking us to provide an opinion based on pictures and someone’s description.

Sorry, but the answer has to be no. We are simply not able to express an opinion about something we have not personally seen and touched (including putting it on a lift and driving it). 

Years of experience have taught us that there are too many variables when it comes to something as complex as a 40 to 60 year old restored vehicle to make any kind of assumptions based on someone’s photos and words.

We do have some general ADVICE on purchasing classics that you may find helpful. Please click here: Top 5 classic car buying tips and how to avoid “rookie mistakes.”

12) Pre-purchase Inspections

Q: Do you allow pre-purchase inspections of cars you are selling?

Yes, of course. The only requirement is that it be coordinated with us as we are located on a private airport and in a gated compound not accessible to the public.

13) Do you hire out to perform pre-purchase inspections for other people?

Yes …… please click here to learn more about our services.

14)  Info on PRIOR MyRod car sales

Q: Can you put me in contact with the buyer of one of your “previously sold” cars, or tell me how much you sold it for?

We get this request often and we are sorry to say that the answer is no. Once sold, we respect the privacy of the transaction and the privacy of our buyers.

Please take time to read our Buyer Feedback.


Thank you for taking time to learn more about us.

– Michael

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My name's Michael and my son is Tyler. We are serious car guys that have owned, restored, shown, judged and sold hundreds of high quality classic cars. Having been born into a “car collecting family”, this has been a “life-long passion and hobby” for us both. With 60 years of experience between us, we know the difference between common “fluffed up” cars and “quality” cars.”

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